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Courts in Pennsylvania generally hold a person's last will and testament sacrosanct. When there is legitimate reason to believe that the decedent drafted or changed a will because of undue influence by an individual or organization, there is precedent for contested will litigation. Fell & Spalding is a 100 year old civil litigation law firm serving the needs of families and individuals throughout the Philadelphia area who have legitimate will contest claims. If you believe a will was drafted or changed as a result of undue influence, coercion, or fraud, we can help. Our attorneys have a successful record of representing families and will executors who are fighting for the rightful distribution of estate assets or to prevent the distribution of family assets to illegitimate parties named in an estate holder's will.

If you are the will executor, or a legitimate heir with concerns about the distribution of estate assets or other provisions of a will, we invite you to contact us. We gather the clear and convincing evidence you will need to make the courts take your will contest seriously. We know the strategies that caretakers and other fraudulent parties often use to exert undue influence or breach confidentiality with the person in their care. We can help you preserve your family assets for the rightful beneficiaries.

Trust Disputes

In addition to will contests, Fell & Spalding represents individuals involved in trust dispute litigation. There are a variety of living and testamentary trusts that people establish to govern the distribution of assets. Beneficiaries often become dissatisfied with the services of a trustee, resulting from suspicion of misappropriation of assets, fraud, or breach of fiduciary duties. Fell & Spalding has many years of experience representing trust beneficiaries in legal malpractice claims against attorneys serving as estate trustees.

Contact the trust and wills contest lawyers of Fell & Spalding to discuss your concerns.

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