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Pre- and post-surgical errors are a leading contributor to the number of medical malpractice injury victims. We understand that surgeons and hospitals make mistakes, but we also feel strongly that tragic results should be eliminated or minimized by responsible supervision of regulations designed to prevent negligence in hospitals and surgery clinics.

The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that 80% of surgery interns indicated on a survey that they violate work hour regulations imposed on doctors and other healthcare providers. In addition, a Quality and Safety in Health Care (QSHC) study has also found that 41% of doctors in residency programs report fatigue as a primary cause of mistakes they make. Common errors include misdiagnosis, improper medications, pre-operative evaluations, and missed communications between doctors and staff. Tragically, more than 90% of the patients treated by the surveyed doctors suffered serious physical harm because of the mistakes. Nearly one third died in the hospital or because of pre- or post-surgical errors.

Clearly, surgeons and surgical staff professionals are overworked. Fatigue dulls the ability to think clearly during the pre-operation procedures and slows reaction time during emergency or scheduled operations. If you have suffered adverse health effects, or have lost a family member because of pre- or post-surgical errors or medical negligence, we invite you to learn more about our medical malpractice litigation experience. Contact the surgical error litigation attorneys at Fell & Spalding to schedule a consultation about your case. We have helped many clients recover significant damage settlements and jury awards in medical malpractice litigation cases. We can help you.

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