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In all personal injury or civil litigation claims there are certain deadlines, or statutes of limitations that must be followed. These deadlines are vital to your claim. If your attorney missed the deadline dates, your claim will not be considered, and you will forfeit your future right to file for damages. In addition, attorneys are legally bound to file appropriate motions and legal documentation relative to your case according to specified deadlines. A missed deadline could result in your case being significantly delayed, or even dismissed.

Missing a filing deadline results in losing your opportunity to claim damages

Fell & Spalding takes attorney responsibility for statutes of limitations and deadline filing dates seriously. We represent people and businesses that have suffered irreparable harm when their attorney acted negligently while representing them. We know that every legal malpractice case is, in reality, two cases. First, we work to prove that your prospective claim would have resulted in a damage award or financial settlement. Next, we work to prove that your attorney's failure to meet deadlines resulted in the loss of opportunity for an award or settlement.

We handle all aspects of your attorney malpractice claim, from initial investigation through negotiated settlement or jury trial. Contact the attorney malpractice litigation attorneys' offices of Fell & Spalding to meet with us about your prospective missed statute of limitations claim against your former attorney. We can help you recover the damage award or settlement you are counting on.

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