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There are two specific categories of legal malpractice claims, litigation malpractice and transactional malpractice. Fell & Spalding has extensive experience representing clients who have suffered financial loss due to attorney negligence in these areas.

Litigation Malpractice

Proving legal malpractice against an attorney requires more than simply determining malfeasance or negligence. The claim must first prove that attorney's actions (or inactions) resulted in failure to achieve a financial award that should have been awarded to the client. Then the claim must also prove that the offending attorney committed negligence sufficient to merit a compensation award to the client.

We thoroughly investigate the underlying lawsuit, and prepare the case just as we would to win the personal injury or civil litigation claim itself. Our attorneys are skilled, experienced civil litigators with knowledge in a broad range of legal areas. We have the legal resources needed to assess the prospective damages, and the technical resources to present an intelligent presentation of the facts to prove that you have suffered financial loss because of the negligent attorney.

Contact us to schedule a consultation about your prospective attorney malpractice claim. We will fully explain how laws regarding privileged information and other laws specific to the practice of law may apply to your case. We'll help you decide how to move ahead with your claim.

Litigation Malpractice

Transactional Malpractice

Transactional malpractice includes attorney negligence in areas relating to contract law, fiduciary responsibilities, and failure to properly advise clients. Fell & Spalding provides experienced representation for clients who have suffered financial loss or damages because of their attorney's inappropriate actions or negligence in transactional law.

Transactional Law Malpractice Areas Include

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Missed contract filing deadlines
  • Failure to properly advise
  • Failure to include required information
  • Improper contract drafts
  • Conflicts of interest

Contact the legal malpractice lawyers of Fell & Spalding to discuss whether you have a legal malpractice claim against an attorney. If you have suffered significant damages, we can help.

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