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Philadelphia Doctor Defamation Lawsuit Attorneys

The attorneys of Fell & Spalding have experience recovering significant compensation for physicians whose careers face serious harm because of libelous or slanderous statements made about their competency. We know that physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals rely on their reputation to be successful, and to gain access to hospitals and clinics.

If a hospital, upon peer review, finds a doctor has endangered patient safety it is required to report such to the National Practitioner Database, according to the Healthcare Quality Improvement Act of 1986.

If your name receives an unsatisfactory listing in the National Practitioners Data Bank, your reputation and future career may be jeopardized.

If you are a medical professional who feels that your career and reputation have been significantly defamed within the community, or within your own profession, we urge you to consult with us as soon as possible. Our experienced defamation attorneys handle all aspects of your defamation claim, from initial investigation, to analysis of the damages, to negotiated settlements or trial representation. Libel and slander cases require extensive research and analysis of the facts. No two defamation cases require the same legal strategy because each case results in different effects on the defamed physician. We use our experience and professional resources to determine how the defamation will affect your future.

Contact us to discuss the normal statute of limitations and the strict procedural requirements for bringing certain defamation claims.

Medical Professional Defamation Litigation

  • Libelous published articles
  • Slanderous public statements
  • Peer review board defense
  • Unsatisfactory performance assessment
  • Discontinued hospital access
  • Staff "whispering campaigns"

Contact our doctor and surgeon defamation lawyers in Philadelphia to schedule a consultation about your prospective defamation claim. Your reputation is your livelihood. Fight back with Fell & Spalding.

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