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Anybody who has owned or managed a business for any length of time is aware that disputes over contracts, distribution agreements, and performance agreements can arise. In most cases, the dispute can be resolved through mediation or other alternatives to a court trial. When a settlement can't be reached at the negotiating table, however, there is no substitute for experienced representation by attorneys who are knowledgeable in broad areas of contract law.

Fell & Spalding provides representation in trials and appeals in State and Federal courts and administrative agencies throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We provide quality legal counsel and advice in all matters relating to contract disputes, specific performance, and a wide range of other contract law matters. We offer cost-effective representation that lets you stay focused on your business operations.

If your business is considering taking legal action in a contract matter, or if you have been named as a defendant in a breach of contract claim, we can help. For more than 100 years the name of Fell & Spalding has been recognized throughout the Philadelphia area for exceptional civil litigation representation. Contact our offices to schedule a consultation about how we can help resolve your contract litigation issues.

Experienced contract litigation representation for plaintiffs and defense

  • Breach of contract lawsuits
  • Sales agreement dispute
  • Broken distribution agreements
  • Employment contract disputes
  • Performance contracts

Contact the contract dispute resolution lawyers at Fell & Spalding to schedule a consultation about your contract litigation matters. We offer more than 100 years of service to Philadelphia and the State of Pennsylvania.

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