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Ethical rules for attorneys in Pennsylvania are clear that an attorney may not represent any person or entity with interests that may be adverse to the interests of any other of his/her clients. Federal regulations require that attorneys reveal any existing or potential conflict and clients must have the full opportunity to decide whether to proceed. Unfortunately, undisclosed conflicts often arise after an attorney has been retained to represent a client. Under certain circumstances, the conflict may prevent the client from receiving the vigorous representation s/he is entitled to. In many cases, this results in the loss of financial opportunity or, in the case of civil litigation, the loss of a jury award for damages.

"a lawyer should avoid even the appearance of professional impropriety."*

Fell & Spalding offers experienced representation for people and businesses that have legitimate claims against an attorney, resulting from undisclosed conflicts of interest. Lawyers are generally aware when a conflict of interest arises, but many choose not to reveal it because of the appearance of impropriety, which may result. Too many attorneys proceed as if the conflict will not result in harm to their clients. In truth, conflict of interest can cause serious harm and can result in significant damage awards to the affected party.

Contact the attorney malpractice law offices of Fell & Spalding to discuss how you have been caused harm because of your former attorneys' conflict of interest. We will work to help you recover damages for the financial loss you incurred.

*Ethics Canon 9, Model Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys

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