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As a business executive, you have put as much time and money into your education and career as many other professionals. Often, all it takes is a single defamatory statement in a news report or by others in the business community to bring your career - and livelihood - to a halt. Fell & Spalding provides uncompromising representation for CEOs and other business executives who face the challenge or recovering their good name and reputation after allegations of misconduct or incompetence made in public.

If you are a CEO or other business executive whose future may involve challenges brought about by defamation, we can help you recover significant compensation, as well as your reputation in the business community. Contact us to schedule a consultation about your claim. It's your future. It's your reputation. It's your livelihood.

Our civil litigation attorneys handle every part of your defamation claim, from initial investigation through the final court trial. We understand how important it is to keep your name out of newspapers and board room meetings while your case is progressing. Maintaining confidentiality is key.

CEO and Executive Defamation Litigation

  • Allegations of financial misconduct
  • Slander, libel in news reports
  • Unsatisfactory job assessments or reviews
  • Wrongful dismissal

We thoroughly assess the damages done to your career and clearly define the liability for the harm done. By gaining access to emails, internal memos, and other records, we get a complete picture of the campaign or individual incidents leading to defaming your character or reputation. Contact us to learn more about how we can protect your career, and fight for your reputation.

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