Breach of Fiduciary Duties

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Lawyer Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Attorneys that agree to represent a client, either on a retainer or pro bono basis, assume a standard of responsibility to provide the highest levels of care and vigorous representation on the client's behalf. The attorney must not put personal interests before the interests of the client. The relationship between the attorney and the client involves loyalty, trust, and good faith. In fact the word fiduciary is derived from the Latin word fiducia, meaning confidence, trust, and assurance.

Fell & Spalding represents people and businesses seeking legal malpractice damages for a breach of fiduciary duties by an attorney. We take the responsibilities of legal professionals seriously, and we hold lawyers to the highest standards of trust and loyalty to their clients' best interests. The senior partners at Fell & Spalding offer more than eighty combined years of experience as licensed attorneys in a broad range of legal practice areas. We know the standards to which your attorney must work on your behalf. Unfortunately, many attorneys set aside cases that appear to be minor, or simply ask their clients to accept a minimum settlement, without aggressively seeking the full and fair settlement or jury award that may be available. In the area of transactional law, attorneys have an obligation to offer appropriate advice that will serve the clients best interests.

Missing a filing deadline, failing to properly advise, and conflicts of interest are all possible examples of breaches of fiduciary duties. You may be entitled to significant financial damages. Contact the attorney-malpractice attorneys' offices of Fell & Spalding if you feel that a lawyer has breached your trust, or not performed up to an expected level of fiduciary duty on your behalf. We have helped many clients recover significant damages from law firms that have broken trust with their clients. We can help you.

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