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"A lawyer's time and advice is his stock in trade," as Abraham Lincoln once said, but his reputation and good standing in the community determines his success in the community. Attorneys who face defamatory statements in the press or in published articles often suffer irreparable harm to their careers. Fell & Spalding provides aggressive representation for lawyers who have legitimate defamation claims resulting from negative publicity, slander, or libelous statements made in public. We have helped many lawyers recover significant financial damages, as well as their good name. We can help you.

Contact our attorney defamation law offices in Philadelphia to learn more about ways that Fell & Spalding can recover damages for harm done to your legal career. We thoroughly investigate and evaluate the causes and results of the defamation, including subpoenas for internal records, emails, conversations, and all other evidence relative your case. Attorney defamation isn't always clearly defined, but the effects of defamatory statements are often clear to your career.

Attorney Defamation Litigation

  • Published articles, libel
  • Public allegations of misconduct
  • Defamatory allegations of unethical behavior

We strive for negotiated settlements whenever possible, but we know that a court trial is often the only way to recover a fair damage award. We apply resources and sophisticated legal strategies that make it clear to judge and jury that your reputation has suffered irreparable harm.

Allegations and defamatory statements about your ethics or misconduct can become ingrained in a community's memory until they become indistinguishable from facts. Contact the attorney defamation law offices of Fell & Spalding to stop the defamation and recover damages for the harm to your career and livelihood.

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