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The attorneys at Fell & Spalding provide experienced representation to professionals, business owners, and individual residents of Philadelphia and communities throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Our legal practice is focused on:

Defamation of Professional Competence or Character: Representation for doctors, attorneys, and executives who face career ruin because of slanderous public statements or libelous published articles made about their competence or character.

Peer Review License Defense: Representation for medical professionals called to defend their competence or character in front of peer review boards.

Wrongful Use of Civil Proceedings: Representation of individuals and businesses who have been the victims of wrongful litigation.

Attorney Malpractice Lawsuits: Effective representation for people injured because of attorney negligence or incompetence.

Contract Litigation: Representation for business plaintiffs or defendants involved in breach of contract litigation and disputes.

Contested Will Litigation: Representation for individuals contesting the will of a deceased estate holder, on the grounds of undue influence or breach of confidential relationships.

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